Roasted Acorn Squash with Sausage, Spinach, Cauliflower Risotto, and Parmesan

Roasted Acorn Squash with Sausage, Spinach, Cauliflower Risotto, and Parmesanby Anna GreenWinter has finally come to Northern Colorado! Even though the show from the recent “bomb cyclone” storm didn’t stay very long, the air still has a chill to it. Days like this make me crave winter squash!Truth time -- I’m not a fan of the ever popular butternut squash. It’s possible I just haven’t found the right way to prepare it, but it’s flavor and texture doesn’t suit my liking. Acorn squash, however, is an entirely different story! The flavor of acorn squash is slightly sweeter and more mild than some other squash. (I’m looking at you butternut!)I had the acorn squash on my counter, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. So I looked around in my kitchen and just put together a concoction of things I had on hand. Then I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer. To my delight, it turned out tasting amazing! This dish is super versatile -- stuff it with whatever protein, veggie, rice/rice alternative and/or cheese you love and have on hand!Cut your acorn squash from top to bottom. You can cut off the stem if you like, but it’s not required. Just don’t try to cut the stem down the middle to divide your squash! Pick a side and let the stem live on that one side and be okay with it.When it comes to the ingredients, I’m a subber. If you don’t have everything exactly as it is on the list, improvise! Don’t have garlic? Use garlic powder! Don’t have onions? Use onion powder. Don’t have avocado oil? Use olive oil! I think you get the gist. I recommend roasting your acorn squash facing up so the flesh can get a nice caramelization to it in the process. While the roasting fairies are working their magic in the oven, cook up the stuffing mix.A dish that’s as delicious as it is pretty to look at!Roasted Acorn Squash with Sausage, Spinach, Cauliflower Risotto, and Parmesan INGREDIENTS2 Acorn Squash4 tsp avocado or olive oil, Pink himalayan salt1 lb ground breakfast sausage1/2 onion, diced 3 cloves of garlic, minced2 cups of spinach, chopped into bite sized pieces1 package Alexia Sea Salt Parmesan Cauliflower Risotto (or flavor of your choice)4 Tbsp parmesan INSTRUCTIONSPreheat oven to 400 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut each acorn squash in…

Living an Intentional Life on Purpose – the homework that makes the home work!

Living an Intentional Life on Purpose – the homework that makes the home work! Written by Aspen Spratt That’s right.  Be intentional on purpose.  It’s a double positive. It’s choosing to be intentional versus letting life go by and just happen.  It’s taking time to really pause to think, communicate and plan a dream life.  It’s working together with your spouse/partner. It’s having purpose in your life and making sure you are taking steps to get there, TOGETHER. The picture above is our golf cart from our trip to Maui last year.  It’s because we practice living an intentional life on purpose that we had the privilege to have that opportunity. At first, it might seem like a daunting task to have your life planned out. Is it possible? Will my spouse/partner help?  What if we get off track? Is it worth it? What do I want my life and my family life to look like? For those of us with 99+ things on their to do list (me) and with each one done, two more pop up, that’s how it might feel.  Like the never-ending laundry I’m sure we all experience or outsource. So, sometimes I think we don’t start this type of self-care because we feel like it’s a herculean task that’s just going to add to the already overwhelming to do list, right? Let me reassure you that it actually makes the whole home work. It’s homework that makes the home work! Let me ask you a question. Think about your last vacation or the next one you have scheduled.  What type of planning was/is involved? Would you agree that sometimes it’s days of planning, packing, deciding the itinerary and excursions, etc.  Why is it a great idea to plan it properly? Usually it has something to do with the limited time frame, the amount of money you have to spend and the desire to squeeze out the most of the vacation as possible.  You want to make the best use of your time spent making memories, relaxing, soaking it all in and also make sure you stay within your budget, can afford to do the things you want to do or buy the souvenirs you want to bring home. You want to come home refreshed not regretting how your precious and valuable time was spent. It’s a lot of work to plan and execute a fantastic…

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

It’s Okay to Not be Okay   Hey mama. I see you. And I have been there. I know what it’s like to get out of bed and face the day, despite that feeling. To wear a smile in a crowded room. To “fake it til’ you make it” for everyone’s sake but your own. And no I am not talking about the exhaustion we feel from taking care of everyone and everything. I am talking about that strange feeling that creeps up on you, sometimes with no warning. And no control. I am talking about depression. I know because I was there too. I felt this take over me in December of 2016. I thought it was because of my circumstances; the things I had no control of. I thought when a doctor labeled it, “onset depression,” it was something that was in its beginning stage, so I still had a chance to stop it. I also thought because I had already prevailed over numerous losses in my past, I could definitely take this on. It was nothing, right? I was wrong. It was the beginning of a new relationship with some thing that I didn’t want. I tried to stay busy and keep myself distracted most of the time, but that became extremely draining. I also had days that I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t find the energy to shower or make a decent meal. I began to block out people and events that might’ve helped. Depression tends to do that. It can be overbearing. Depression became my new form of comfort after a while. I allowed myself to become comfortable in this new state of being. I allowed it to become my excuse to not do anything productive, or anything that involved being around other people. I created this bubble. Depression tends to isolate you and that can be dangerous. It wasn’t until I came home from working late one night. My mom and my kids were at my aunt’s house. I walked into an empty apartment and felt the emptiness start to weigh me down. I went to the restroom and I was afraid to look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Suicidal ideation crept into my head and I felt the sudden urge to call my mom and beg her to come home. For once, I didn’t want to…

Happy Holidays Moms!

Hey Moms, Happiest Of Holidays from Total MomSense to you! It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? This year we have enjoyed holidays with our family, creating memories and being present. Family gatherings near and far, company parties, winter break for our kiddos (hip, hip, hooray), I (Mariah) traveled to Hawai'i with my family for Christmas, and Angela is currently on a road trip with her family making memories for the new year! Keeping up with all of the fun traditions for our littles, cooking, cleaning, laundry and the list goes on... We wish it didn't have to end as we have loved every minute of it, however we are just hours away from ringing in the new year. Guess what? That's when you'll miss all of the craziness of the holidays... Yes, you'll miss the messes your kids made while creating memories with their siblings, cousins, family and friends! We say, embrace it and be grateful for every moment you have together! Can I be honest? Every vacation I take, I have family photos taken and this time every photographer I loved was booked, so instead I didn't worry about it. I even left my camera behind and just enjoyed every moment I had with my family and took some photos with my phone because I just have to capture memories, i'm the Momtog of the family! A family trip for the holidays has been a tradition of ours for 3 years now, and I love getting away to recharge! If you've never gone away for the holidays, try it, it's fun and allows you to experience and venture off to places you've never been!On another note, Angela and I are busy preparing for our upcoming workshops, Moms Who Rise 2019 and more! You can find our events on facebook or Eventbrite! Begin the New Year with moms in our community and join us for the upcoming Moms Who Rise Workshop; Fall in love with taking care of yourself| Mind, Body & Soul!https://www.eventbrite.com/e/moms-who-rise-workshop-tickets-51958019836Cheers to a blessed, peaceful, joyous and happy new year!In Motherhood,Mariah & Angela

Mom Socials- turned 1

A year ago Mariah and I hosted our first event for, The Real Moms Time Out, we invited Moms we knew for the kick off to our monthly mom time outs. Throughout the year we had a few name changes and a change on the the mission and vision we had for these monthly time outs. We had a second name change to, Moms Time Out, removing "The Real," then a few months ago we officially changed it to the Mom Social, with the idea of expanding throughout the United States and other countries, yes you heard that we are going WORLDWIDE. These mamas can dream and make it happen. A few days ago we celebrated our first birthday, anniversary, I am still not sure what to call it.What are your thoughts birthday or anniversary? We are still in shock that we have had a monthly Mom Social for the past year, this practice alone of getting 2 hours of alone time with grown women who understand and get each other has been amazing. The connections and friendships that have developed have been so much fun to watch. For our 12th Mom Social, we went to a new restaurant place here in our hometown and had a blast. We absolutely love it when we have new moms come and join us because they get to see what it is all about. Our Mom Socials were created to create a networking experience for moms, a time for moms to take a time out on motherhood and reconnect with themselves.  A time to build a positive network of moms, to share your dreams and goals with like minded women. See you at our next Mom Social.

July Summer Series | Self Discovery

Happy July Mamas! Angela & I have created a Summer Series all about YOU! Taking care of you, loving you, discovering you, being you and so much more!  Tune into us at : http://www.facebook.com/totalmomsense and watch our videos daily!  Angela & I are pouring value into every mom & woman who hops on and takes time to work on herself! July 1st- The excuses that need to stop! July 2nd- 24/7 July 3rd- Giving teaches us to live beyond... July 4th- Don't Mom Alone! July 5th- What sparks your self discovery and positive change? July 6th- Self Discovery Pt. 2 July 7th- From Who am I? To I am... July9th-Momspiration Monday | Fitness Talk Stay tuned for the rest of the series throughout the month!    

Women Build

A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity come up, we were invited to participate in the Women Build project here in our hometown through the Habitat for Humanity. It was an amazing experience. This home was for a single mom of 5. I do not know how many of you are familiar with this program but the family receiving this home has to do a lot of labor hours for their home. This home is being built for her through donations and the helping hands of the community about 75% of the home is built through volunteers. We had such an amazing experience. We learned how to install windows, how to cut and place the trim around the windows and that working out in the HOT sun is not very fun. I have realized that the older I get the harder it is for me to stand the heat. We did about 6 hours of community service. If you have not volunteered though this program I urge you to check it out. You hear the wonderful stories of the families receiving these homes and how they help build their home. It is amazing to me what a group of women can do when they come together. We love giving back to our community, what are you favorite volunteer spots or organizations?

Summer Bucket List| Top 20

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year in fact, I'd like to request to skip fall and winter this year! My kids and I love the outdoors, adventure and exploring every second they're off on summer break! The last week of school, I sat down with my kids and went  around our circle to take turns choosing things to do aside from our sport activities! Here's our Top 20 Ultimate Summer Bucket List: Visit at least 20 different parks Swimming or Waterparks 1 time per week Travel to a place we've never been Go Camping & Hiking Bike Rides Backyard camping & stargazing Make Homemade Ice Cream Paint more rocks to add to our collection! Go to a new beach we've never visited! Visit a Disney park this summer Create New Youtube Videos for our channels Use our imagination and create fun diy games Swimming Playdate at our house with school friends Laser Tag Trampoline Park Movie Dates Spend time together Board game night once a week Pray together Church every Sunday even if we're out of town Here are our top 20 things we'd love to do, if you create a list share in the comments I'd love to hear yours!  There's no specific order, I just wrote down our list as we went around our circle & loved every idea. Mom's I know being a mom is what we love to do, so enjoy an evening of planning a summer bucket list with you kids too! In Creativity & Time well spent with your family, Mariah

Are you running on empty?

Are you running on empty? Our Mom instinct is to take care of everyone else, we are always on the go. But the truth is when it comes to taking care of ourselves we run on empty. We as moms have set that expectation for ourselves, believe it or not? We believe there are four pillars you must master so that you are not running on empty.   Here are 4 tips to help you become the fuel to your fire.   Tip number 1: Practice self-care/ self- love.  Create a routine whether that means  - taking a walk, having a girl’s night out, meal prepping nutritious meals for our families so that you are not eating out all the time, finding a hobby that you like to do. What do you feel happy doing? For yourself? If you only practice this tip and not the other 3 you’re only ¼ full and we all know ¼ tank in our car only gets us so far. Tip  number 2: Pursuit of your passion- What is it that you truly love to do? What sets your soul on fire? Do you love working out? Have you ever thought of making money off of that passion? Do you loving doing hair and makeup? How can you turn that skill into a business? Maybe your bilingual and love to interpret and translate for others? If you had help opening your own business, would you? Have you done research on what the state requires if there are any requirements? When we change our mindset and start turning our passion into a business we begin to see a bigger picture your vision can become reality. Establish goals to make a part time passion into a full time passion. Sometimes you have to give up some things to create space to do passion projects. Create a list of everything you do and find a way of eliminating some things and possibly find a way to have someone else help you! If you practice tip 1 and 2 now your ½ way full. Tip  number 3: Family- Don’t lose sight of the most important people in your life. Be present. Turn off your phone and just spend time with them. Find a day that is dedicated to family time- we know this can be challenging but it’ll make a world of difference if you are able to…